Crosman’s tactical international plan

2013.08.14. >>Andreas

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Airgun expert Crosman has increased its line-up of tactical airguns, which are available for international customers.

The expanded range of tactical air rifles for 2013 now includes the TR77 NPS and the MTR77NP, both powered by the much-vaunted Nitro Piston powerplant.

The TR77 NPS is distinguishable by its pistol grip and skeleton stock. The rifle has dovetail mounts and a 4x32mm optic from CenterPoint is included.

Bringing new excitement to break-barrel airguns is the Crosman MTR77NPC, an M4-inspired rifle with many of the same design features.

A dual-aperture sight integrated into the carry handle, sling mounts and a detachable magazine containing storage space are touches customers appreciate.

The airgun is said to shoot up to 1,200 feet per second and is ideal for small game hunting, pest control and target shooting. More information can be found at


* In a separate development, Crosman Corporation has discovered a potential safety problem with some of its C31 and C21 air pistols.

It is recalling those with serial numbers beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A 13B, or 13C.

The firm believes the plastic frame (body) of some of the air pistols may fracture, propelling pieces of plastic through the air, when the pistol is exposed to extreme heat (150 degrees Fahrenheit) with a live and pierced CO2 cartridge in the pistol.

If that were to occur, there could be a risk of serious personal injury, particularly to the eye.

If you have Crosman C31 or C21 air pistol with these serial numbers, remove any CO2 cartridge from your pistol and stop using the pistol.

Visit for more details or to complete a form for the return process.